Honor Society Short Film


Honor Society short film was written and directed by T. Ann Laufer.

Honor Society is a poignant story about two best friends on their last night of high school who come to terms with their friendship and how they will manage the road ahead.

Honor Society is also about the pressures we put on our teenagers to perform on all levels – academically, personally and socially. What happens when the stress become too much? Have we taught our teens to reach out to us or to each other? Do they have the coping skills to overcome complex situations and feelings? If they don’t, what are the consequences?

In Honor Society, our two female characters are at the top of their class. Their friendship has been the glue that has helped them through the death of a parent and general neglect from another. They both have vices that threaten to over come them and their futures if they don’t acknowledge they are in need. With graduation moments away, they realize their friendship will change in it’s immediacy and they must come to terms with ‘growing up’ and what that means for them both.

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